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Best Acne Cure - Acne No More Review

The book Acne No More has recently been getting a lot of attention and is becoming known as a premier guide for the natural treatment of acne. There are many people out there, who wish to get rid of acne naturally and Mile Walden offers a unique way to combat acne and all the issues that come with it through his book Acne No More. He has spent more than seven years on research and tests around the subject and offers a holistic approach to curing acne. The solid program details all the steps that are required to cure acne within 6 to 8 weeks. Acne Cure

The book is a comprehensive program offering natural treatment. It provides an in depth report about acne and gives a lot of genuine and relevant information with ample natural cures thrown in as well. The book Acne No More is not targeted at those with severe Acne problems alone, but also offers a guide to those suffering from mild problems as well and is suitable for all ages and both the sexes.

The book offers a holistic approach to detoxification and cleansing the system with the help of five action plans. The first step involves flushing and cleansing, where details of the various flushes and cleansing are provided. For instance, the book talks about the liver flush and the cleansing of the kidney and the colon, aimed at making internal organs operate at optimum level.

Acne No More is not like other products available in the market, but is rather a strategy that allows you tackle the acne from the core and helps readers implement lifestyle changes that can keep the problem at bay. Many people are looking for a miracle pill or something of a quick fix to their acne, without making any changes to their lifestyle. In Acne No More, Mike Walden shows that this is just not possible and that it takes a multi-pronged approach to get control over acne.


The entire book, which consists of 242 pages, consists of details of methods to be followed. The methods are given in normal language that is used every day and there is no exaggerated or heavy jargon, so that even the layman can follow it very well without any confusion. Another positive aspect of the book is that Mike Walden has provided several facts and incidents that occurred during the course of his experience and research on the subject. The incidents can be of great interest to the reader. However, if you are not interested in these incidents, you can jump straight to the main topic.

Many users who implemented the five step program detailed in the book have been happy with the results and stated that they have seen remarkable changes in their skin in as short a time as seven days. After two months of implementing the plan, they have found substantial improvements. Based on such feedback, Walden claims that more than 98% of the users are completely with the tips and guidance provided in his Acne No More.

What's more, Mike Walden has also offered updates with new information and these are available free to the customer purchasing the guide. He also offers a one to one counseling to those following the program, which is a very good follow up. The users can take comfort from the fact that they are not entirely on their own. To add to this, if the user is not satisfied with the book he can also avail of the money back guarantee. The book is of a very straightforward nature and can be considered user friendly. The follow up services offers an additional bonus which many users will find extremely satisfying and encouraging in their efforts to control acne.


However, one aspect that I found lacking in the Acne No More book is that the psychological aspect has not been given much coverage. It has been observed by many researchers that 50% of the people suffering from acne problems, especially adults, have some psychological causes related to it. This has not been sufficiently explored in the book. The book provides ample information and tips along with recipes for success, but it must be kept in mind that it could prove to be a challenging task to follow.

This holistic system is not for those who are not able to follow it properly and adhere those recommended nutrition and avoid foods that contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Bottom Line

Acne No More is able to cut through all the confusing and conflicting information that is out there and sets straight many myths regarding acne. Some of these myths that have been shattered are 'avoid all kinds of fruits' or 'avoid carbohydrates' and so on. Mike believes that acne is a much more internal and systemic problem and has an impact on the entire body. He suggests a plan for both the mind and the body and not just a superficial treatment for the skin. He is just not for a one dimensional approach using antibiotics and creams, as they tackle only one aspect of the problem. His is a full bodied approach, with the book teaching you to treat the problem and maintain the results permanently.